About The Road Trash Warriors Organization

If you saw the movie WALL-E you were probably struck by the apocolytic vision of an uninhabited, trash filled planet Earth. This is an outcome no one wants. And while the world of WALL-E will never happen, every day we keep inching our collective way closer to that vision. What can one person do? Try to reduce your own carbon footprint. Live a little greener yourself. Save electricty, save gas, recycle. It won't be enough … but it will help move us back a little from the approaching precipice. Picking up a little road trash near where you live and keeping your stretch of road or city block clean is a worthy form of community service and a great form of exercise available to almost everyone. Please consider joining us. Together we can make a difference.

RTW is a non-profit organization. Membership is free. Members are asked to adopt a section of road, street, or city block. Members are responsible for keeping thier adopted section free of road trash. Each member will set their own standard for cleanliness. Each member will decide how often their section needs to be clean. To the extent that recycling services are available and practical to utilize, we commit to recycle as much road trash as we can.

Road Trash Warriors are expected to rise above expressions of anger at their fellow man's callous or thoughtless road trashing actions. We recognize that while we do not ourselves consiously create road trash, we probably have in the past. And regardless of our personal road trash record, by our very act of living we consume products that come in containers that often find their way into crowded landfills or cost energy to recycle. So are we not all guilty of trashing our environment? Let us not express our hypocritcal anger at our fellow man but rather personally take responsibility for improving our visual environment. Road Trash Warriors understand that this work can never be finished and yet are committed to trying to achieve and maintain a cleaner road, street or block side environment, good health permitting.

The Arcoa E-Z Grabber is a great enabler for this work. Get one at Lowes or order one on-line. First of all the E-Z Grabber allows you to pick up virtually any trash without touching it with your hands. In Texas this is a big plus because of the ever present fire ants, scorpions or other critters that may be lurking there. Not to mention that it's got to be more sanitary than handling the stuff with your hands. You could use gloves, but then you'd be bending down to pick up the trash. You could do some physical good by doing knee-bends and squatting to pick up trash, but you'd be a cripple before you got very far. If you don't have the money to buy one, you could sell your aluminum cans. About six thirty gallon trash bags worth should just about do it.

road side cleanup trash bag holerAnother idea for making trash pickup easier was sent in by Betty Edwards. It's a simple bag holder made from easily obtained materials from Home Depot. I've struggled since the beginning trying to hold the top of my trash bag open while I dropped an object in. This unique invention should help a lot.

Why not join us today and get started tommorow in walking your way to better health and at the same time in making your little corner of the world a little cleaner and more enjoyable to traverse?

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